Thirlmere’s soapy success story

29 Apr 11 @ 04:26pm by ALICIA TETLEY

THIRLMERE resident Lavinia Zammit says residents won’t be disappointed with her hand-made soap.

Using Lavinia Luxury Soap, Ms Zammit said a lot of people notice a difference within a week.

“I have learnt a lot over my years of experience in the health industry about skin and how many people are affected by different issues,” she said. “I have soaps for pimples, eczema, rashes, babies, menopause and many other things and I only use essential oils and natural ingredients.”

She said making the soap was a very long process.

“I use cold-process saponification which is used to make soap completely from scratch,” she said. “I blend oils and caustic soda together and when I’m done I put in herbs or other ingredients and then insulate it.

“After that it is turned for about three to six weeks and I can tell when it is ready just by touching it.”

Ms Zammit said a bar of her soap will last a month.

“Some other bars only last a week, so with my soap you will be saving money in the long run,” she said.

* Pick up a bar of Lavinia’s Handmade Luxury Soap at the Camden Produce Markets; Picton, Thirlmere, Cobbit and Bowral Markets, or go to


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Ron, Werombi NSW

My wife and I use Lavinia’s soap. We do a lot of environment work and we find this soap is kind to our skin as it cleans us. I also like to give it to our friends for presents!

S.O.S. Nerve Pain Rub

Bob, Mittagong NSW

My daughter bought the 100g for me as I have fibromyalgia. Your may or not be aware that of the translation to layman’s terms of Fibromyalgia is either inflamation or aggravation of the tissue within muscle tissue…hence Fibro…myo…algia from both Greek and Latin derivitives. Yes…I’ve researched stuff all over the place and,, in my case…and we’re all different..but suffering from this condition that has yet no known origin/cause so no solution…medically. I have a file too thick, but have found that both vitamin B12 and D gives me better muscle condition and maybe.. more pain relief as does a combination of Tea Tree and Eucalpytus oil that is definitely more pain relief for some duration over the day. I’ve tried the SOS and it too makes my day better. I also have arthritis and a member of Arthritis who also run Fibro discussion groups, yes in the Southern Highlands where we bought your product at Biota, and would suggest you talk to Arthritis NSW . Might be taking Coal to Newcastle but I get the gen from our local discussion group, run by Arthritis NSW, that natural ingredients are a not promoted locally and, like me, preferred to the alternative chemical/drug solution. In the case of Fibromyalgia, the only choice is pain management, and topical applications of a natural ingredient combination sure appeals to me as to ingestion of chemical ingredients. I’ve have used St John’s wort in tablet form but that’s really only a calmative whereas all your other ingredience in the SOS works for me. Have a chat to Arthritis NSW and give them a sample………..unless you’ve already done that

Head, Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief Rub

Annette, Helensburgh NSW

Thank you for the prompt service.  I actually purchased the neck rub from a market stall (at Heathcote NSW I think), for my elderly mum who gets debilitating neck and shoulder discomfort, which extends up into the side of her head.  She has been using your neck rub for a while now and constantly tells me how brilliant it is – I can’t tell you how often she has said “thank god for that Lavinia cream” – it really has improved her situation and she loves the smell.  I have neck problems too so now I’m getting some for me, plus getting the arthritis rub for mum’s hands.

No More Sinus Relief Rub

Ronda, Beverley Hills NSW

First up, I just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU as I’ve been bedridden for about four weeks now with a ruptured disc awaiting surgery, and on top of it all I’ve had three days of clogged ears/sinus and a massive headache that even Endone couldn’t conquer. I decided to whack on some of your “No More Sinus” and literally within minutes the three day headache had gone and I had a huge sense of calm wash over me. I have no idea how you make your magical potions but I cannot thank you enough because this is the first little bit of pain relief that I’ve felt in weeks and I am so very very grateful to you!

Alana, Caringbah NSW

I purchased your No More Sinus rub from Cobbitty Market a few weeks ago.  This is such a great product! I’m a big fan.  I also had bad breakouts on my face at the time and kept getting told even though my skin was really oily that is was actually really dry.  As the ingredients in the sinus rub are antibacterial, anti-inflamitory etc I started using the rub on my face and it has really cleared up.  I also got one of the lip balms to which is also great! I’ll definitely be back to buy more! Thanks.